Privacy Policy

We do not collect any personally identifiable information from our users, from either this website or any of our apps. Nor do we extract any personal data from a user's device for upload to a server. Your contacts, photos, and all other personal data are safe. Your personal details will not be passed on to any third party.



If you contact us by email, we will only use your address to answer your query.

Bug reports are sent via email.

  • This gives you full control over seeing what you're sending us, and choosing whether you want to send us that information or not.
  • You can enable or disable this within the app under Settings > General, or you can tap Cancel on the email compose sheet when it appears.

We store emails indefinitely.

  • If a user gets in touch more than once, we can see what was discussed before, and continue the conversation.
  • If a user sends in an unusual number of bug reports, we can get in touch directly in order to try to work out what is going wrong.

If a user would prefer all emails between us and them were deleted, just get in touch and request this.

We consider you emailing us as consent for us replying to you in the scenarios described above. When contacted in this way, we will not use your address to later contact you for marketing purposes. Your address will not be added to a marketing email list.


iCloud Sync

iCloud is a suite of network services supplied by Apple, tightly integrated into iOS, and which you log into on device using your Apple ID.

Where an app offers iCloud sync (for instance Now Then Pro), sync data will be stored in your iCloud account, in a container dedicated to that app.

The data stored in iCloud is in the form of transactions which replicate the actions you took in our app on one device. Other devices also logged into your iCloud account, running the same app, can then replay those transactions in order to replicate those actions on that device.

Our app will read and write data in its container in your iCloud account while you are logged in on device, but we have no external access to this data as we do not have your iCloud account login details.

If you would like to remove any data stored in iCloud, by for example Now Then Pro, go to the Settings app > iCloud > Manage Storage > Now Then and press Delete Data.


Affiliate Links

When we link you to Apple's App Store from within one of our apps, we use Affiliate Links.

So for instance, this sort of link would be used if you opted to upgrade to Now Then Pro from within Now Then.

Affiliate links let a website (or in this case the App Store) know who referred a customer to them. Under this the affiliate (us) may be rewarded a small percentage of any sale revenue for any purchases the customer then makes on the App Store within a limited time period.

The link we use contains a code which identifies us as the source of the referral, but which contains no personally identifying information about you.

However, once you are in the App Store, Apple, and their affiliate program provider Performance Horizon, may place a cookie on your device in order to remember this affiliate relationship for a short period of time.


Beta Testing

If you request to join the Now Then beta tester program, your email address will be provided to Apple in order to invite you to access this via Apple's Testflight app.

If you no longer want to take part in this program, let us know and we will remove your email address from Now Then's list of testers.