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Now Then Pro

Keep time and be more focused

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Are you spending lots of your time on low value tasks? You might find your time doesn't get spent where you think it does.

First, measure where your time goes, then reduce, or eliminate your biggest time wasting tasks. Use the knowledge acquired to improve your habits, and then see this feed through in terms of actual results.

Recording this information also makes completing work time sheets a breeze, and over time lets you see what can be done to improve your productivity.


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Simple and focused time keeper. Focused on tracking time, and nothing else.

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We do not complicate the interface by trying to do too many things in one place.

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Record the hours worked on your job, clocking in and out with ease.

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Accurately track how your time is spent.

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Quickly change the current task you're recording.

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Use a task list that suits you. We do not prescribe the structure of your task list.

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The task list is hierarchical and can be as flat and simple, or as deep and complex as you wish.

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Stays out of your way. You are in and out quickly, with the minimum number of taps.

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Use of the keyboard is kept to a minimum.


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Use the crisp, colourful charts to quickly identify misused time.

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Use the knowledge gained to make the changes required to boost your productivity.

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Find out where your time actually goes, rather than scheduling what you expect to do.



Now View

A simple, rapid task selector for recording what you are doing now. Simply tap to start and stop tasks, or tap on another to switch to it immediately.

Then View

What you were doing, and when. View by day, week or month. A visual log of how your time was spent.

Chart View

See the proportion of time spent on each task, or group of tasks. View bar charts and pie charts by day, week, month, or year. Filter both Then and Chart by task, date, or by time.

User-definable Task List

User control over the task hierarchy - make this as simple, or as complex as you desire.

Edit recorded events.

Or add forgotten events afterwards.

Remind Me

It can be tricky remembering to record what you're doing, especially when you're busy. Use Remind Me to be notified on a regular interval that a task is still recording. You can also be reminded when you’re not recording anything.

Share Images

Share via Mail, Messages, and social services such as Facebook or Twitter. Save to Photos, copy and paste into another app, or print directly. (Tap on images for example share files)

Share Data

Use Open in… to open images and data in other apps. Open in apps like Dropbox for cloud storage, or open a data file directly in Excel. Open in… works with any apps that open CSV files, or PNG images.

iCloud Sync

Keeps your data in sync across all your iOS devices.

Backup and Restore

Make your own backups and store them externally. This is in addition to the backups you get by using iCloud sync.


Project Time Tracker

Timesheet Assistant

Tracking Client Time

Study Tracker

Work Log Book

Activity Timer

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